C.B.H Of City Office

Mr. Ishank Kumar

     "He says that self confidence is super power, once you start to believe in your self, magic start happening. "

He is good motivational person motivate all his leaders, do all work with his team. Always thing about the well-being of his team.


C.B.H Of Badagaon Branch

Mr. Durga Prasad Patel

    He says that " sucess all depend on the second latter"

I am a success today because I had friend  who belive in me I did not have the  heart to let him down.

He believe in second chance. always motivate his team for do work hard. His 1st Priority is always his organization GNF.



C.B.H Of Kasimabad Branch

Mr. Vinay Kumar Verma

      " The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you are willing to sacrifice."

GNF only can  build the success building. He is very honest for his work. He always smile in any critical situation.



C.B.H Of Rajatalab Branch

Mr. Ashok Kumar Patel

     " Success is a journey not a destination "

GNF gave me my success , way to choose my dream .

A Positive mind looks for ways It can be done; 

He beleive that any thing is possible and always motivate his team leaders for positive  thought.




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